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We see in pictures...motion pictures:
At DADA, we are enchanted by moving images and dabble from time to time in the art of story telling using the medium of film and animation. 
The work you'd find here would be experimental and in some cases, quite literally pointless, but then, when you set out to have fun, things tend to work out that way!

DADA universe

LFS pop-corn saga

Atewo Buddha

An animated in progress.

Promotion video we created for 'The Funeral Did Not End'. A short story collection written by Sylva Nze Ifedigbo and published by DADA books.

The Bulgarian Pavilion

In 2011, we created visualizations and animation for an art project proposal. Details below:


In 1968 the Palace of Sports and Culture was built in the Bulgarian coastal town of Varna. Until today it serves as a center for sport and concert events. 

In 1977 the second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) was held in Lagos, Nigeria. Looking for a representative building that could host this festival, the Nigerian government considered the Palace of Sports and Culture in Varna to be an ideal model for a cultural landmark, an artistic facility and a national symbol. Therefore and with the help of the money from the oil boom the Bulgarian construction company Technoexportstroy was commissioned to construct the building a second time, this time in Lagos (another coastal town), and significantly larger: the National Theater of Nigeria. Due to maintenance problems the gigantic main hall of this building remains empty since the early 1990s, leaving a void in the cultural identity of Nigeria.

In 1989 the Mausoleum of communist leader Georgi Dimitrov in bulgarian capital Sofia was demolished by the democratic authorities by four explosions leaving a void in the political and cultural identity of Bulgaria.

On the occasion of the open call launched by Art Affairs & Documents Foundation in 2011 all three buildings will merge into one architectural structure:
We propose to (re-)construct the Varna Palace of Sports and Culture a third time, this time as a re-import of the National Theater of Nigeria. By erecting this architecural hybrid  on the site of former Dimitrov Mausoleum it will fill the void for a cultural space that represents the national and cultural identity of Bulgaria/Nigeria: The National Theater of Nigeria being Bulgarias contribution for the World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture, now featuring as Nigerias contribution to the National Pavillion of Bulgaria. Relocating the relocated Palace of Sports and Culture for a relocation of an Art Pavillion as part of the Venice Biennal?! 

Excerpt from a proposal prepared by Daniel Kotter, Ayodele Arigbabu, Constanze Fischbeck & Andreas Muller.

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