We see in pictures...motion pictures

At DADA, we are enchanted by moving images and dabble from time to time in the art of story telling using the medium of film and animation. 

The work you'd find here might be experimental but then, when you set out to have fun, things tend to work out that way!

In 2015, we were engaged by The Association of Consulting Architects of Nigeria (ACAN) to produce a pilot episode of 'The Firm', a TV series envisioned to make architectural practice topical in Nigeria. It was a pleasure working with Chris Ihidero who directed and co-produced the pilot episode, and with Matthias Aragbada who handled cinematography. 

Logo test / mock-up animation for the Lagos Film Society. A different logo was adopted, so this won't live anywhere else but here.

Speculative video created as part of the iMagineering Lagos team's presentation at FutureFest 2015 (14th - 15th March) in London, organized by Nesta and supported by British Council.