Stuff we love

We're sharing these links to projects and organisations that inspire us, hoping they inspire you too!

1. Digilab is a network of digital hubs built around a community of creative coders, and makers. We are inspired by the Digilab experience.

2. Open Source Ecology drives an ambitious programme to create what they call a starter kit for civilisation, built off a set of open source blueprints for 50 machines considered to be invaluable for self sustainable communities, and developed by teams of professionals and enthusiasts using open source tools.

3. Precious Plastic is a community of makers organised around the concept of recycling of plastic, towards ecological sustainability, using a set of machines and methods with which a simple plastic recycling operation can be established anywhere in the world.

4. Action Coin is an interesting blockchain based platform that seeks to incentivise online / social media activities by rewarding content creators based on their activity, an inverse of what currently obtains where social media networks earn from advertisers while content creators on their platforms earn nothing.